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At Woodburn Family Learning Center, we break down initial meeting barriers by offering home or individual visits to ensure that everyone feels safe and secure. "Having post natal depression meant that I didn't want to leave the safety of my own home, In the beginning I felt unsure and didn't want to walk in the front door at Woodburn Family Learning Center alone, but I had no-one to go in with."

"The co-ordinator offered to come to my house, I was nervous but I soon felt relaxed and agreed to go along to a group for a chat and a coffee."


"When I arrived, everyone was lovely and I was made to feel welcome straight away."


Within the centre you can enjoy a well-deserved rest away from the busy daily routine.

Woodburn Family Learning Center
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Woodburn (full-time)


Woodburn Family Learning Center

Woodburn Primary School

5 Cousland Road

Dalkeith  EH22 2PS

Tel No: 0131 654 1565

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Woodburn Family Learning Center is accessible for anyone with a child under three who feels that they need support for whatever reason.

We are open Monday, Tuesday and Friday 9am-4pm.


We offer "Core support groups" along with our "Fun Time with Mum and Dad" on Friday mornings.

We have dedicated play workers who share your goal in achieving the best for your child. We will help your child develop every day skills whilst achieving their milestones. This is done through play in a warm, safe, stimulating environment.

We hold monthly User Group Meetings where everyone is able to view opinions on the service and give ideas of what you would like to do during your group sessions. This can vary between arts and craft or complimentary therapy provided by our cross- centre co-ordinators to learning life skills through Malani. (Midlothian Adult Literacy And Numeracy Initiative). We have a back to work co-ordinator who can help you ease back into work or set up courses to aid the process. At Woodburn Family Learning Center we adhere to a confidentiality code to ensure that everyone feels free to discuss issues; one-to-one sessions are also available to help with any sensitive issues. Counselling sessions are accessible by qualified and experienced counsellors. Our groups are non judgmental, everyone can feel part of the group where you are listened too and that your opinion DOES count.

During the holiday period we have a drop in service where all siblings are invited to join us. We also run family outings to help lesson “school holiday” stresses.