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Vision, Mission and Statement of Standards

Vision  -  For all Midlothian’s children to build the foundations for a happy childhood that serves them a lifetime.


Mission – To help each child achieve their full potential by  having  valued , confident and collaborative staff who will work with each other and other agencies to provide best quality services to children and their families within the communities of Midlothian.


We will value the uniqueness and contribution of every child and adult who uses our service by putting   them , first and foremost , at the centre of everything we do .

We will recognise equality of opportunity for all, understanding it can be reduced by the effects of discrimination therefore are committed to challenging this in all its forms.

We will promote the full  involvement  and  participation of children and adults using our service in ways that enable them  to empower themselves  in all aspects of actions that affect their lives.

We will establish and maintain   appropriate  boundaries   in our relationships with service users  and colleagues based on peoples’ rights to respect , privacy , dignity  and reliability.

We will work to ensure that resources available to us are distributed fairly and according to need.

We will work diligently to make sure our services are flexible , creative and innovative in response to changing need.

Midlothian Sure Start is committed to ensuring that:


Project Users are at the heart of our service. All efforts will be made to ensure that they are totally involved and can participate in developing the services and managing the organisation.

We offer a caring and supportive service that is person-centred and open to people from all walks of life.

Everyone is valued and has something to contribute, with all treated equally.

We offer a service which respects the rights, responsibilities and needs of families.

We have a qualified and professional workforce who undertake continuing professional development.

An interprofessional and interagency approach is valued when appropriate to enhance our service for families and children. Opportunities are created for volunteers.

Our Services


Service Aims | Service Objectives | Children's Services | Services to Parents | Intake Criteria / Allocation | Interagency Working


Service Aims


To promote social inclusion through a positive start in young peoples' lives... (focusing on) the promotion of personal growth and development of the very youngest children (0-3) before they have the opportunity of pre-school education.

To provide community-based, family-focussed resources, including high quality childcare and direct support to parents which, through a variety of mechanisms, will strengthen parent's ability to maximise their children's potential.

To enable parents to increase their confidence, skills and understanding so that, as more fulfilled adults, they are better able to meet the needs of their children.

Service Objectives


Overall service provision and ethos.

To provide support, which is targeted at areas of greatest need including innovative outreach to families not otherwise likely or able to seek services.

To provide an inclusive service which is culturally appropriate and sensitive and takes account of any particular requirements of parents and children.

To provide a multi-faceted service, which encompasses individual and group self-help, drop-in facilities, planned parent-toddler initiatives and individual access to support.

To provide a service which demonstrates that innovative models and flexible methods are encouraged.

To promote inter-agency and cross-disciplinary work in support of children and parents.

To provide a non-stigmatising service.


Children's Services


To provide a stimulating environment in which very young children can, and are, helped to grow and develop in a rounded way through play.

To provide trained staff who will support the development of children's confidence, awareness and social and individual skills in ways appropriate to their age.

To take full account of any special needs of the children.

To involve parents and maximise their ability to support their children's development.


Services to Parents


To ensure that referral to Sure Start is as easy as possible for parents, for example by providing home visits to new referrals so that uptake of available places is maximised.

To provide opportunities for parents to learn new skills which will help their children's development, improve their understanding of child development and assist them to deal with issues which cause concern, so ensuring that the child's development is assisted.

To provide a range of supports for parents to help them cope with difficult circumstances and maximise their ability to provide a healthy upbringing for their child. These will include advice, support, counselling and advocacy.

To promote parents self-esteem, confidence, communication and decision making skills.

To enable parents to maximise their access to further training, employment opportunities and other structures and networks as required.

To involve parents in the planning and delivery of services, maximising opportunities for individual and group self-help.


Intake Criteria / Allocation


The provision will ensure that there is a mix of self referral and referral by (inter-alia) Social Workers, Health Visitors and G.P.'s.

The service will be open to all main carers, ensuring that the provision is culturally sensitive and meets the needs of ethnic minorities.

The service will be aimed at families with children, predominantly under age 3.

Spaces will be provided in accordance with the first-come first-served principle, but will allow the Co-ordinator to make provision based on the determination of priority need.


Interagency Working


As an Organisation Midlothian Sure Start prides itself in working in partnership with other organisations such as the Council, Health, other charitable organisations and statutory bodies.