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Underpinning Our Practice At Penicuik Family Learning Centre

At Penicuik FLC there are two main theorists who under pin our practices. Through their theories Friedrich Froebal and Paulo Freire encourage children and adults to explore their world, environment, feelings, emotions etc. They learn how to use those experiences and discoveries to develop positive actions and encourage autonomy in their daily lives.


It is a holistic approach that includes everyone in the family as the whole learning process is centred towards a better quality of life for each family we work with. Froebal complements the ‘birth to three’ frameworks and ‘Getting right for every child’ framework.

Through using free play and allowing children from all ages to explore. We are encouraging children to use their powers of observation, judgement, invention and application which all aids in their future learning process. It builds for confident and emotionally secure children


In our garden the children are encouraged to explore nature by planting and nurturing those plants, guddling in the mud looking for creepy crawlies. Children play in our garden meadow using their imagination or climbing and building in the pebble pit. The garden and playroom experience offers core mathematical and literacy concepts which the children will use in their adult life.

Work with the parents


We take a Freirian approach in our groups, which encourage parents to share their stories and experiences, as well as talking about the issues facing them every day. This is done in a very relaxed and informal way. Through talking parents begin to discover that their story/ experiences are similar to others and they begin to realise they are not alone and support one another.

Most of the groups running offer cooperative activities where people learn respect for one another and are encouraged in raising their consciousness which will give them a better understanding of their lives and the ability to transform those lives if they want to. For many parents it’s about gaining a better quality of life and being able to take control through encouragement, confidence and empowerment. Adults are encouraged to learn from their experiences and talking with one another. Knowledge is a social contact of feelings, emotions, memory and affects.

Through attending the centre parents are given the opportunity for help with any issue and access to other services within Midlothian Sure Start and various other agencies.

In the Playroom/garden


We take a Froebal perspective which encourages the child to use their environment as a learning experience in particular the outside. This helps the child to see the connection between themselves and the natural life. By allowing the children to explore on all levels from a very early age, they are developing all their senses and encouraging free independent actions as they learn through play.