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Sure Start
Non Directed Play Therapy

Play is the primary way children learn about their world and it is now widely acknowledged to have an essential role in their development. So using play is a natural way to help children understand muddled feelings and upsetting experiences.


If a child seems sad, withdrawn, disruptive, inattentive or unable to cope - play therapy may help.


Play therapy takes places in a safe environment where children can work through their problems and difficult feelings. It happens at the child's pace and is non-threatening.  It may also help children where there are developmental concerns, sleeping and eating problems and difficulties in relationships with family, friends or at school.


The results may lead to a reduction in anxiety, a change in behaviour, raised self-esteem, manage conflicts in a more appropriate ways and improved relationships with family and friends.


Midlothian Sure Start offers individual play therapy, small group therapy and filial therapy (family therapy), in order to support the child and family according to individual needs.


Kathleen G Downey (katedowney@midlothiansurestart.org.uk)

BSc (hons), Post Grad/dip Play Therapy