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Paradykes Family Learning Centre
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Loanhead (Part time - open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays)   


Mayburn Avenue,

Loanhead EH20 9HB

Tel: 0131 271 4653 (Option 4)

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What’s on offer for your’ child at Paradykes FLC ?

At Paradykes FLC we aim to create a warm , secure environment from which your’ child can explore the world around them in a fun & safe  manner.  Paradykes FLC  is committed to taking a child-centered approach. This means staff will take the lead from your’ child and develop and follow the interests shown by them.


Jane and Laura are qualified, experienced Early Years practitioners who will take time getting to know all about your’ child in partnership with you. From this, Jane and Laura will  provide a variety of rich learning Experiences based on the interests and stage  your’ child is at, at that time.


At Paradykes FLC your’ child will be challenged and stimulated through play in a safe and  nurturing environment. During your’ child’s time at Paradykes FLC, we will foster and encourage independence through the various experiences offered to your’ child. We will promote your’ child’s autonomy as a learner through allowing them  to choose freely  activities that they want to  take part in. This will all be done with supportive staff in a caring manner recognising and valuing your’ child as an individual.

What is on offer at Paradykes FLC for you ?


During our allocated sessions, you will have the opportunity to meet new people,  take part in short courses of interest to you, allowing you to gain new skills. At Paradykes FLC we have arranged information sessions with local organisations/services that can provide guidance and support if you are thinking of returning to work or further education. Or we may just have a cuppa and a chat.

If you opt to come along to our Baby Massage sessions you will learn  massage techniques that have been reported to  have a range of benefits which include promoting sleep, improving colic and constipation to name but a few.

After attending Baby Massage, we offer parents/corers' our follow on group which covers a range of topics including Baby & Toddler First Aid, Weaning, Heuristic Play and an introduction to your’ Baby's brain development.

We also offer an Outreach service, Play Therapy, Family Art Therapy, Aromatherapy, Counselling services, Study centre (support for those who have moved on to further education) and MYPAS sexual health for young people (on Monday nights).

Baby Massage


We have introduced a rolling progrmme of baby massage followed by the

'Babies Rolling On' programme.

If anyone is interested then please call Paradykes FLC on 0131 448 2204 for further information.

Paradykes FLC Counselling Group


If you are pregnant or have recently had a baby and would like to have a group to attend  where you can explore your’ feelings around becoming a parent then this is available on a Wednesday afternoon. The group is facilitated  through counsellors from our counseling team.

If  you think this may be beneficial for you and you would like to find out more information then please get in touch or alternatively you can contact our counselling manager.

Anna Gibbons on 0131 654 0489.