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Penicuik Family Learning Centre In Malawi

In 2008 we formed our sister centre in Malawi. In a culture that is very hierarchical and patriarchal to have something that provides emotional and social support (as opposed to medical support) to women and families was a new concept.

This is particularly so within Malawian culture as the women’s role is to take care of everything within the family (this includes extended family) without question.


The new centre provides a nursery for up to 60 children and also provided support groups for some of the parents where they learn basic health care amongst other things. Some of the customs and rituals that discriminate against women are still prevalent and one of the main causes of the spread of HIV/AIDS.

The women and particularly the younger women are now beginning to stand up and say no to these, for example wife inheritance, death cleansing and sexual initiation from being a girl to becoming a woman.


The parents at Penicuik FLC have been raising money through their ‘porridge fund’ (which is collecting pennies), so far they have raised £200 to help build a wall for the nursery garden so the children can be safe and £150 to help build a separate kitchen.


Due to severe economic conditions in Malawi now, the parents at Penicuik FLC are continuing to collect to provide much needed fertilizer so the staff can continue to grow the vegetables and oats. This ensures that the children have at least one meal a day.