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About Us

We are a voluntary organisation with charitable status. We are governed by a Board of directors. We aim to give very young children (from pre-birth to 11 years) the best possible start. We provide a range of services through six centres and on an outreach basis. We work as a team at grass roots level, delivering a client-led service within the large semi-rural community that we serve.


Our project users are directly involved in planning services - through monthly Project User Meetings and reserving half of the places on the Board of Directors for project users.

We help families cope and develop confidence so that they can use the skills they learn.


All of our services are based on the principle of putting our service users at the heart of what we do and empowering them. And in the true spirit of this, as a medium sized organisation we can be flexible and innovative.


As an organisation we genuinely believe in what we do.


“We care”


Midlothian Sure Start was formed in February 2001 through the merging of Stepping Forward (now Penicuik Family Learning Centre) and Family Reachout (now Mayfield Family Learning Centre).


Both of these centres started as small charitable organisations set up by the local community in 1992 and 1994 respectively.

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> Project User Meetings

> Vision, Mission and Statement of Standards

Project users - (families with young children-including dads) are provided with holistic support. We are aware that our project users are affected by issues such as poverty, inequalities, environment, housing etc so we have developed a range of services and entered into a number of strategic partnerships to provide our project users with choices that can help them to take control of their lives and improve their health, (mental and physical) and economic prospects.


Our services, offered through our six centres include:


peer support; individual, couple and post-natal counselling; advocacy; literacy and numeracy support (individual and group); confidence building; capacity building; support into work, training, volunteering; play therapy; healthy living courses; exercise; toothbrushing; healthy snacks; access to affordable fruit and vegetables/ exchange of healthy living vouchers; access to outdoor education; complementary therapies; parenting and

helping children meet their developmental milestones.

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