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Grandparents Services


                             ....... SUPPORTING GRANDCHILDREN”


Providing support and services to Grandparents who are involved in the care of their Grandchildren




Are you involved in the care of your Grandchildren?

Would you like to meet other Grandparents who are also caring for their Grandchildren?

Do you feel alone and/or need some support?

Who is the service for?


We support Grandparents who live in Midlothian and are caring for their grandchildren as main carers, shared care and those who are caring for grandchildren whilst supporting parents.

What’s On Offer ?


We also offer:


            supportive and caring


Where can we meet you?


Below is a list of groups that we provide.


10am - 11.30am


9.30 - 11.30am


9.30 - 11.30am

Grandparents & Toddlers

Marc Centre,

10 Woodburn Road,


Grandparents Support Group

Stepping Forward Family Centre

(Midlothian Sure Start)

60 Queensway


Grandparents Support Group

Family Reachout

(Midlothian Sure Start)

Stone Avenue



Please contact me at the following number or speak to a member of staff

who will be happy to make contact for you.


Diane Littlejohn

Grandparents Co-ordinator


Tel: 0131 654 0489          Direct Line: 0131 660 9932          Mobile: 07811 161421