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Age 0-1


We have all sorts of baby toys for them, the area is kept soft by being surrounded by cushions, beanbags etc

Gorebridge Family Learning Centre
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Gorebridge (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)


Gorebridge Beacon

Hunterfield Road


EH23 4TT

Tel No: 07591 213928

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In the Gorebridge FLC Playroom we provide a safe, friendly and stimulating environment for children to be cared for and play in and to make new friends. We have planned activities for all the children to join in with if they wish to.


We use the 0-3 curriculum to offer opportunities for planned activities such as gluing, painting, gluk etc.  We also provide the children with plenty of free play experiences.  Through non adult led free play the children are able to express themselves creatively, explore the world around them, work through feelings and emotions and learn to relate positively to other children.


They also have lots of fun!!


As well as activities we also provide a variety of toys and play equipment. We see ourselves as providing early intervention in preparing the children for pre-school nursery.

Age 1-2


As the children get older they are more curious about their surroundings. All the toys are accessible to the children and can be changed to suit the needs of each individual child.

Age 3


The children are prepared for nursery, we play role games, read stories and encourage the children to use their imagination as much as possible and have lots of fun.

Children can take advantage of our large sunny playroom and garden offering lots of stimulating play and activities delivered by our fun and enthusiastic qualified staff. Our aim is to promote the development and well being of children for today’s life styles. The children enjoy the heuristic play which encourages children to use their imagination.

The Family Room


The Family Room is where the parents/carers can have some time out, meet people, share experiences, take part in workshops and discussion sessions without distraction from their children. They have a say in the planning of workshops and programmes and the running of the centre.


Parents/carers attend Gorebridge FLC for a variety of reasons, and as one mum quoted;


"Being a Mother certainly opens your eyes, your life is completely changed almost overnight"


So with that in mind someone might attend Gorebridge FLC for company, to let their children mix with other children, to make new friends or because they are new to the area.

On the other hand some parents may be experiencing postnatal depression, some may need counselling or some may need help with parenting skills.


For whatever reason a parent/carer attends Small Steps everything is treated confidentially.


We are here to support you and your children while you attend Small Steps. We are here to listen and encourage, not to criticise.