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  Empowering Families Project is a partnership of 12 agencies who work with families across Midlothian.  
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Empowering Families

Empowering Families Project is a partnership of 12 agencies who work with families across Midlothian. Its aim is to develop a multi-agency, early intervention project that empowers families in Midlothian to make positive changes.

The Empowering Families Project recognises that every family is different and what defines a family is

that it is a group of people who care about and care for each other. Most families go through difficult times.


Some of the difficulties they can face are:


·        Family fights

·        Separation of parents

·        Family changes like children having to stay with another carer or a new partner living in the home

·        Death of someone close to the family

·        Coping with family illness or disability

·        Where a child needs extra help with learning and developing

·        Loss of jobs or benefits or change in housing

·        Children not going to school

·        Children and adults feeling over-whelmed, low, stressed, anxious

·        Parents or children start drinking or taking drugs


Mostly families can manage these problems and difficulties, however sometimes they can get stuck and need help to think of different ways of dealing with them.


The Empowering Families Project aims to help families make positive changes for themselves to manage their problems better.

What we offer:


·        Therapeutic work with families - we offer a systemic approach working with the larger family network,

         smaller family units and individuals

·        Family support programmes eg Incredible Years

·        Family Group Meetings (through Children 1st)

·        Support to access other Midlothian Sure Start services and other agencies eg play therapy, counselling,

         benefits advice, practical help


Empowering Families Project can work with families where:


·        The oldest child in the family is at primary school

·        It’s an early intervention where there are no current statutory child protection procedures and compulsory orders in place.

         We can, however, work with foster or kinship care families

·        Children are affected specifically by benefit changes, homelessness, substance misuse and disability


If you think the Empowering Families Project is for you ....


·        You can phone us on: 0131 654 0489 and ask to speak to one of the EFP team

·        You can email us on:  efp@midlothiansurestart.org.uk

·        Download our enquiry form below and send it to:

·        EFP, Midlothian Sure Start, McSence Business Park, 32 Sycamore Road, Mayfield, EH22 5TA


We will get back to you and discuss whether this is the right service for your family.

Where possible, we aim to meet families in the area they live in.

Further Information can be seen in our leaflet.






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