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For information on making donations to Midlothian Sure Start, please contact Head Office:


Midlothian Sure Start,

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A "LOT" of Extra Help from...


Without help given to our charitable organisation, we would not be able to offer our services to the families within Midlothian and we should like to acknowledge this.


On an annual basis we like to offer our families (between 120-200 families) day trips during summer i.e. trips to the beach, to the park for a picnic, to a soft play area, to Vogrie Country Park for a bbq and one large trip to somewhere special for the children.  In the past we took over 200 parents and children to Blair Drummond Safari Park.  Sometimes this is the only source of "holiday" they have throughout the year.  We are not funded for this and have to fundraise throughout the year and also approach trusts for extra funds to allow us to carry this out.


Fundraising events carried out have included coffee mornings, Christmas fayres, arts and crafts sales (the crafts being made by the Project Users), disco nights, "stars in ur eyes" night, raffle, sponsors etc.  Our Project Users and the staff of each centre are never idle!


Thanks to The Friends of Midlothian's Children, Sure Start have been given the chance of caravan holidays at Berwick Holiday Centre or Seton Sands.  Reports so far have been that:


"I couldn't get the wee one to come away, she was crying ‘cause she wanted to stay"


"The caravan was beautiful, and everything was lovely"


This has been an enormous boost to some of the families allocated holidays.


Acknowledgement goes also to our Volunteers who come in and help out when they can, often a Project User who has moved on will return and volunteer at either the centre they attended or at another one to "give back a little of what they received".


Family and friends of our Project Users come along to support us at our fundraising events.  Local communities help out when they can, the local Councillors become involved and help and assist when they can.


The staff have continued to receive qualification training as a result of the Work force Development Fund working in conjunction through Midlothian Child Care and Early Year Partnership.



Midlothian Sure Start is funded by:




Small grants have allowed us to conduct a number of feasibility studies which have then assisted us to access larger grants for new developments. Our Back to Work project started as a result of a small grant from the Mayfield and Easthouses Trust.

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