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Counselling Client Information

This section provides you with information about what you can expect of us and what we expect of you while you are using the counselling service.



What we offer you:


A consistent service, which is arranged between counsellor and client.

The counsellor agrees to be present, and endeavours to offer a regular time and space.

The expectations to this are when the counsellor or client is ill, or on holiday.

You will be given as much advance notice as possible in these situations and we ask you to do the same.

The service is confidential with basic exceptions, which will be explained to you in the first session.

The counsellor will use supervision sessions to discuss the work being done.

It is a fundamental requirement that counsellors attend supervision as this ensures that you the client receive a quality service.

The counsellor endeavours to make sure that no identifying information is given such as full names.

The Manager of the counselling service is aware of the progress of the ongoing work but is not given any information about the content of the sessions. For example, she will hear that the client is attending regularly, that life or a person’s low mood is improving or the opposite. If the counsellor is worried that the client might be at risk of harming themselves or others then we suggest that this is discussed between client and counsellor and a management strategy devised together. If this is not possible then the manager will be informed and appropriate action taken. Similarly, if your counsellor has concerns about the safety of children then this should be discussed with you and support given from the Counselling Services Manager.

Our aim is to be open as possible and we would always wish the client to be told if any action needs to be taken.

Records are kept securely in such a way that very little confidential material is held, and what is cannot easily be identified.

Any communications with an outside person would be routed via the client. Except in exceptional circumstances, we will seek your consent to contact external professionals.


This counselling service is a non-charging free service. A maximum of 12 sessions can be given. The cost of a counselling session if you were paying can be anything between £35-£45.


The counsellor will wait 20 minutes for you if you are running late, and will offer the remaining time to you.

From time to time clients find they have difficulties with their counsellors. We recommend that these be first explored with the counsellor. If this is not possible the Counselling Services Manager is available to help resolve the difficulty informally. If this does not work we have a complaints procedure. The Counselling Services Manager will endeavour to return your call. It can sometimes take a couple of days before a call or query can be returned.



We ask you to make the following commitment to us. We ask this in the full knowledge that the work of counselling can be painful or upsetting and that sometimes you might want to avoid the difficulties by not attending.


We ask that you make a commitment to attending counselling sessions or counselling group as arranged, just as the counsellor makes a commitment to be present for you.

We ask that you leave a message for the counsellor if you are unable to come.

If you have missed three sessions in a row and we have had no contact with or from you then we will write to you.

The lack of attendance may mean that you are advised to use the service at another point in the future.


We hand out an evaluation leaflet at the end of your counselling and would very much appreciate you taking the time to complete this short leaflet as this helps us to improve the Counselling Service.


Anna Gibbons

Clinical Lead

Therapy Services