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Board of Directors

The organisation is governed by a Board of Directors comprising Project Users, interested professionals and community members and advisors from Health, Social Work and the Childcare and Early Years Partnership.


Directors are voted in for a two year period at the Annual General Meeting. Project Users are seen as an important component of our Board. 6 Director positions are reserved for Directors voted in by the six centre Project User Groups. 2 of our Chairs have been past Project Users.  The other 6 Directors are voted on through general election at the Annual General Meeting. There are executive positions for Chair, Vice Chair, and Finance Director.

Current Board Members

Wendy Bruce - Chairperson

Dr Jacqueline McDonnell -  Vice Chairperson

Colin Burnett - Finance Director

Janice Friars - Director

Samantha McDonald - Director

Wendy Adam - Director

Claire Ewing - Director

Anne Proudfoot - Grandparents Representative

David McNair - Dads Representative

Hamish Fraser -Adviser

The Board meets on a quarterly basis. Currently,

the Board has 3 sub-committees:


   Human Resources